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just think about this for a minute. Its 11:30 pm, your kids are in bed, your wife is already in bed, you just finished watching Jimmy Fallon. You go around the house and check all the locks, turn the lights out and go to the bedroom and take off everything except your underwear. You crawl into bed with you wife who is half naked and you close your eyes. A few hours go by and you hear the sound of someone kicking in your back door. You hear someone in your house, your kids are freaking out, your wife is crying and telling your kids to stay in there room, your trying to comprehend the situation and you reach over to your nightstand and pull out a Glock 17 and yell to your children to be calm and stay in bed, your scared to walk out side of your room but you do for your kids sake. The guy who broke in your home left and is gone, you never got to see him. The police arrive and when its all said and don't, its late, everyone is tired and nobody wants to go back to bed. You go to work the next day tired and you wife keeps calling saying she found a nice home in another part of town and wants you to go with her and look at it that next night, she insist that the schools in that part of town are nice, your kids want to sleep with you and your wife every night now, your wife is scared to sleep in lingerie and now sleeps in sweat pants and t shirt. You leave half of your lights on now when you go to bed. This actually happened. A break in can change your lifestyle. It causes fear, anxiety and stress. Next thing you know, your family got you in between a rock and a hard place and you finding yourself having to sell your home as well as look for another somewhere else. Your wife doesn't want to be home alone, your kids are afraid of playing outside. Your always watching your back, you see someone walking down the sidewalk and you automatically think he is the guy who broke into your home. Its probably best to have a gun then to not.

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