4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Dale Beran

I know you know that the average anon is a “asocial virgin who live in parent house” is a meme because you wrote this:

“When the protest broke up (it was scheduled to end at noon), a nerd dressed like Neo from The Matrix in a long black duster shouted, “Now back to our parents’ basements!” and the whole crowd laughed.”

I also know that if you remove this thing from your narrative everyting crumbles apart, but I think it’s important to stay real because you (and I mean a general you people, not the author only) need to accept the reality. You need to admit there are a lot of people around the west, young people, who are tired of you: of your globalism, of your multiculturalism, of your feminism, of your gender bullshit ecc. Call these people nazi, alt-right, fascists, lonely virgins, identitarians, nationalists of whatever name you want. We exist and are growing in number. Soon your dystopian post-68 society (aka this shit of modern world your generation has built up for us to burn and despair in) will be definitely BTFO. Admit it, accept it and then stay mad. KEK VULT!

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