A Few Ways to Save your Bank Account while in College

Food, clothes, music, caffeine, and toilet paper all have what in common? They are essentials for college students. They also all come with a price tag. Coupons, apps, and smart shopping can allow students to get their fixes and not go into even more debt than they are already in.

Food is usually one of the biggest struggles for college students. Buying it, making it, and eating out all require time and money. When it is time for me to make another grocery store run, something I like to do is look up recipes on Pinterest. There are many low cost meal plans already created on there. I make a list too. That way I do not buy a bunch of products that expire and go to waste. It is also a good idea to be familiar with your local store’s promotions. Some stores have days where coupons are worth double the listed discount. Other stores have sections in the local newspaper where they advertise their sales and have coupons. Take advantage of those! To make edible food you will also most likely need pots, pans, strainers, knives, measuring cups, and many more utensils. Ask your family and friends for their old kitchen supplies as you are getting ready to leave the nest. Black friday also always has great deals on common appliances. The dollar store sells the Betty Crocker brand for items like strainers and measuring cups too.

Then there are the days that your friends want to go out to eat. You have a say in where you go, so suggest somewhere that offers college students discounts. The website Giftcardgranny.com lists franchised restaurants that provide these. Chipotle offers a free drink and The Waffle House offers 10% off of your bill if you are attending a university. If you look on Groupon you can often find discounts for local diners as well. It also never hurts to ask an employee if you do not know. Your friends will thank you too.

When I am shopping at the mall, I always open the app RetailmeNot. It uses your location to let you know about all of the deals near you. You can even manage your settings to allow the app to let you know when your favorite places have good deals. The app has some exclusive coupons like $10 off of a $30 purchase. It also lets you view all of the in store and online promotions. All you have to do is download an app.

The caffeine, music, and toilet paper that every student desperately needs can be consumed for a lower price as well. Starbucks has a rewards system that you can enroll in for buy one get ones and other discounts. RetailmeNot offers Dunkin Donuts deals too. Most gas stations have a loyalty program with their coffee. Apple music offers a $4.99 monthly student account with a valid university email. Not an Apple fan? Spotify also offers 50% off of a premium account if you are a student. Once again the dollar store sells the Charmin brand toilet paper. Otherwise you can do a quick google search of, “toilet paper coupons” and brands like Scott and Cottonelle have printable coupons right from their homepage. Saving money on necessities will help you to have more money to spend on a well deserved break. Just make sure to use Groupon or Livingsocial.com to save even on your breaks.


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