I went on a road trip this summer to parts of Minnesota I’ve never been, even though I was born and raised here, going on 40 years now. I packed snacks (cashews, dark chocolate, popcorn), my running shoes, and an old-fashioned, fold-out, colored map of the state.

I trust maps. I don’t trust a GPS, especially those with the robotic voice. I don’t trust anyone telling me what to do and where to go; why would I trust a GPS?

I have Google Maps on my phone, and I like it to find nearby coffee shops and for specific street directions once I’m in a town. But for the big picture, I need a literal big picture idea of where I’m going.

Look at all that beautiful land. All those arteries leading to places I’ve not known. I don’t like the tunnel vision of GPS directions. You get your one path, and that’s all you see. Is that any way to go anywhere, literally or metaphorically? I need a spatial understand of where I am, a larger perspective.

Other things I love about maps:

How do you navigate the roads? Life?

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