Top Writer Status Means Nothing and Everything

Until it comes with a monetary bonus, the title will remain literally worthless - or is it priceless?

Rachael Ann Sand
Oct 18 · 3 min read
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“To retain your status, just keep publishing great stories tagged Satire.”

This week I achieved my first Top Writer status in the category Satire. I was surprised as I’ve only published four stories with that tag. After initially feeling a little thrill I began to wonder, “What does it mean?” I’ve heard the achievement seems rather arbitrary but hadn’t given it much thought since I wasn’t yet a Top Writer.

Becoming a top achiever in some job roles would come with a monetary bonus or raise. That is not the case here on Medium. It is possible that the status will gain my stories more views and fans. The only thing that is really clear in the announcement is that if I don’t keep churning out satire like it’s my job, I may lose my status.

Thus, I am writing about being a Top Writer in Satire. But I haven’t written anything satirical yet, have I? If I use the tag “Satire” for a story that contains no satire will I be found out? Hmmmm, just in case, I better come up with something funny-and fast!

You know what? All this PRESSURE makes it really tough to get in touch with my funny bone. I’ve got to shake it off and get in the zone! Someone could be ousting me from top writer status as I type this! What if Susan Brearley is publishing more “great stories tagged Satire” than I am? As the editor of the MuddyUm publication, it’s her honorable duty to lead by example.

“To retain your status, just keep publishing great stories tagged Satire.”

How can I be expected to whip out “great stories tagged Satire” when I have so many more serious topics to write about. My readers expect updates on what I ate for dinner tonight and whether or not the POTUS is due for another oranging treatment. I don’t want to let down my fans in “Food” and “Politics.”

There is no guarantee that hanging onto this Top Writer status will actually put more money in my pocket. If I use the “Satire” tag more often just to hang onto it, does that mean I’m selling out? I don’t wanna be a sellout. I want to write on a whim, as I always have. Humor and wit can not be forced.

Here is my collection of satire stories thus far. Knock yourself out, but not before you clap! This Top Writer status is just a title until you put some claps on it.



Rachael Ann Sand writes about life’s lessons and experiences including educational, humorous, and personal pieces. Thought provoking, informative, and often entertaining, her writing style is infused with personality. Rachael earned a B.S. in Elementary Education, MN Teaching Licensure, and Parenting Coach Certification. Her passion for the next generation extends to all living things. As a cyclist dedicated to a sustainable lifestyle Rachael rides through the world on two wheels. ~ “For my health and the health of the planet.”

Rachael Ann Sand

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Passionate about the next generation of all living things. Sharing life lessons & experiences; Educational, humorous, personal, well written, thought provoking.

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