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When I started my yoga practice, in my mid-twenties, I attended a Bikram yoga studio in midtown San Francisco. The Bikram world is all about protocol and the teachers use the same scripts to walk you through each of the twenty-six asanas. Anyone who has attended more than a handful of classes can anticipate what words will come out of their instructor’s mouths at any given time.

In one particular pose “Dandyamana Bib Hak Tapada Janu Shi Rasana” or “Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose,” one’s throat is tightly constricted as the chin tucks deeply into the neck, making…

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We all have wounds from our childhood years. My biggest pain-point from growing up deals with my father. It is not a unique story, as I have come to realize in my ten years of private psychotherapy practice. It is an all-too-common experience. The story is so similar in fact, that it is sometimes hard to differentiate as I listen to my clients retell their version of it, often through tears.

“I would wait on my dad to arrive, to come and pick me up after my parents split up… but he never came.”

Some of these shared memories have…

Rachael Chatham

Psychotherapist & Relationship Expert. Specializing in helping people to heal from their psychological traumas and grow themselves whole again.

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