Will I ever get better at coping with major life changes?

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As September fast approaches, the back-to-school feeling inevitably starts. It’s a weird mixture of feelings: nostalgia, anticipation, anxiety, excitment and melancholy all mixed into one.

Pretty much all of my life, September has been synonymous with going back to school. First it was my own school, college and university days; since then, as a primary school teacher for over a decade, the end of August has traditionally been spent going in to school to set up my classroom for the new school year: labelling books, trays and pegs; planning the first week’s lessons; organising stationery and resources; putting up displays.

I love being single…but am I just kidding myself?

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Since splitting up with my husband two-and-a-half years ago, I’ve learned to love being on my own. I relish my own space (albeit shared by my two young children) and enjoy having my whole delicious bed to stretch out in (without anyone snoring next to me or hogging the duvet — unless it’s my three-year-old son). It’s great to be able to come home to silence (as an introvert, constant noise — whether it’s music, TV or conversation — is stressful to me) and to choose what I want to watch in the evenings.

Being on my own — for…

10 tips for organising a brilliant party that doesn’t break the bank

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I always used to dread my children’s birthday parties. Each year, I’d set a (rough) budget and then watch helplessly as my spending went way over what I’d planned. From invitations, decorations and venue-hire through to party bags, entertainment, food and The Cake, children’s birthdays seem designed to suck you dry.

I’d never been one to get caught out by consumerism — my wedding was a masterpiece of simple frugality (with only 25 guests) and I love handmaking Christmas presents and decorations. …

How do you motivate yourself to get back to writing daily?

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During June of this year — my first full month on Medium — I wrote and published something almost every day. Some days I wrote and published more than one piece. At one point, I was scheduling posts for days in advance, just to avoid publishing “too much” writing in one day. Daily writing habit? Pah! That’s easy! Or so I thought — little naive thing that I was.

I was on a beginner’s roll — I’d rediscovered writing after many barren years concentrating on my teaching ‘career’ and I just couldn’t stop — in fact, I even wrote a…

What are our hopes for our children’s futures?

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25th June 2019

Dear Eva,

This week is Aspirations Week at your school, and we parents have been asked to write letters for our children to open in the future. I have been thinking hard about what my hopes and wishes are for you in your future. First of all, let me tell you a little story about how you changed my life when you were born.

The summer of 2012, when I was pregnant with you, was a VERY wet one (a bit like this year!). I had been so looking forward to going on maternity leave at the…

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I write stories, poems, and general musings. Avid reader and novelist-in-training; teacher & private tutor; mother-of-two; and a glutton for inspiration.

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