I was wrong about Trump voters
Michael Baharaeen

This is a wonderful and informative piece and I agree with everything you’re saying. But I also think if a person is racist…then they are a racist. Trump saying government is too “politically correct” is a just a politically correct way of saying…it’s cool that you are racist. I’m racist too. Let’s make America Great again which will bring us back to a time (1950s) where it was great, for white males.

The Democrats are not going to woo these voters back. They never had them. Hopefully the Democratic Party will always be a party for inclusion, empathy, and progress. We need to focus on not becoming fractured and energize and build a substantial base. If those 60 million people want to be back in the 1950s, let’s leave them there. Hopefully they will catch up one day. When they are ready to catch up I will gladly engage and not call them racists. As long as they are racists…then I’m not going to call them anything else. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.