All aboard regulation station?

As a Kiwi living abroad, it was heartbreaking to wake up to discover that a terrorist attack had occurred in Christchurch, New Zealand. While naive to say, a terror attack in New Zealand was something that came largely unexpected for me and, seemingly, for the nation as a whole. As far as historic events go (not that one should compare historic events) this was our 9/11 — a changing point in New Zealand’s national identity.

There has been an outpour of articles about New Zealand’s response to the attacks — particularly focused on the words and actions of Prime Minister…

I would consider myself someone who is up for a challenge. I have moved to countries on a whim with little to none of the language under my belt and no friends or family there to cushion my crash-landing. I have willingly completed two half-marathons. The first, to see if I could. The second, because I am competitive and a guy at work said he was faster than me. Spoiler alert, he wasn’t. I pride myself on being up for a challenge but I was not prepared for the challenge that is… opening a French bank account as a foreigner!

So, I’ve just moved to Paris from New Zealand. I came for the baguettes and the boys, and the beautiful culture of course. To maximise my exposure to the latter and to be able to afford the former, I decided to get a job. I am super lucky to have great friends in Paris who have been great at helping me make the adjustment. Their first question for me, “what kind of job do you want?” My response, “preferably one in compliance.” Awkward, nervous laughter ensues until they realise I am serious. “Ahhhh, compliance…”

I have been working in compliance…

Rachael Healy

New Zealander in Paris soaking up all things French and, in the words of Kylie Jenner, “like, realising things.”

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