I am a Woman. You are a Trans Woman. And That Distinction Matters.

You have mentioned many times that you don’t want to see a penis, which I find rather odd seeing as your entire article is a straw man’s dick.

And all the issues you state which you think are exclusive to cis women? They are not. Trans women, for example, are forcibly sterilised when they medically transition. All the issues about childbirth happen to anyone capable of bearing children including trans men and nonbinary people.

Have you ever actually seen a penis in a women’s changing room? Have you, for that matter, seen labia in a changing room?

People are calling you transphobic because for all the good you say you do you still don’t see or respect trans women as women. A trans women =is just as much a woman as a cis woman is. And that is specifically “cis woman” not “‘normal’ woman”or whatever.

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