SQL Recovery Software to Repair Corrupt SQL Database

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a programming language used for managing data in RDBMS (relational database management system). Microsoft launched its relational database server know as Microsoft SQL Server, mostly and frequently used and preferred by the users.


MDF (Master Database File) file is the most used data file extension for the primary data file. Primary data file is the starting point of any database in SQL server. Sometime MDF files shows an error message, many reason responsible for this error message like virus attack, hardware failure, improper shutdown etc. Then you need advanced and reliable recovery software to recover these MDF file.

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MS SQL recovery tool is perfect tool which help you to recover corrupt MDF files easily. The software is able to recover deleted records from MDF file and save them into separate SQL script file.

Key Feature of MS SQL Recovery Software: -

Complete recovery of SQL Database: — The software allows you to recover all tables, stored procedure, functions, rules, views, triggers and other components.

Easily recover MDF and NDF files: — This software is able to recover primary and secondary database i.e. MDF and NDF file.

Two scan Quick scan and Advanced scan) option: — The software allows you to scanning option. Use Quick scan option from normal corruption and for highly corrupted file use Advanced mode.

Recover deleted SQL data: — If you accidently delete some SQL tables, then this software will help you to recover deleted SQL database tables.

Export in all SQL database: — You cannot only recover database from SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008, 2005 and 2000 but you can also export into these version of SQL Server database.

Save large scan file: — MS SQL recovery tool allows you to save scanned file as .str file in any location on machine provided by you.

Preview complete database component: — The software will show you preview of scanned database items such as tables, triggers, keys, column, procedures and so on.

Auto detect SQL Server file version: — If you don’t know actual version of SQL server, then check the “Auto detect SQL server file (.mdf) version” box. The software automatically detects the SQL Server version of MDF and NDF file.

Download the Demo Edition of MS SQL Recovery Software

To know the software more deeply you can download the demo version of the software free of cost. The demo version of the software is able to save scanned MDF file in STR format but if you want to export recovered data to SQL Server database you have to purchase license version of MS SQL Recovery Software.

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