One can only hope as they step onto a Singaporean bus that they will be blessed with a tame driver.

Compared to other ASEAN nations, I am sure that SG drivers are among the best, but they still have the power and privilege of making you want to puke after even just a few minutes onboard. Even as I type this, I have made far more spelling mistakes than usual (Singaporean=subgaprsn, nations=mgilns, etc.) for even my fingers cannot seem to get a stable hold on my phone. The closest thing I can compare riding on the busses with wild bus drivers is being a passenger in a car with someone who is just learning how to drive; acceleration without regards to gas mileage or anything else for that matter, and braking as if it were a competition to stop as close as possible to the vehicle in front. And always at the last minute. As my body sways violently back and forth at the mercy of my driver’s epileptic foot, I recall the instance my roommate here in Singapore, Kat, actually felt so ill from the bus ride that she had to get off and walk home. I feel ya, Kat; I haven’t had dinner yet, but if I had, I imagine it wouldn’t be sitting too well right now.

There’s a social phenomenon here called “sandwiching,” which is sugar coating an insult between two compliments. I’ve noticed it amongst my colleagues already and have found myself sandwiching some constructive criticism as needed. So, I’ll leave you all with an open-faced sandwich and a well-deserved compliment to the SG government: the public transportation system here is unbelievably easy to navigate. Google maps actually significantly OVERESTIMATES the time it takes to get to your destination (although this may be in part due to the speeding bus drivers), and everywhere I’ve needed to go so far has been reachable via bus/MRT and a 10–15 minute walk. I can’t even say that for my hometown outside of Portland, OR…

Anywho, so hats off to you, Ministry of Transportation. (I’m not even sure if that’s a real thing, but it probably is because there is a ministry for everything under the sun here). I’d write more, but my stop is coming up and I need both hands free so I don’t sustain injury to either myself or an unsuspecting bystander.

I’ll leave you with a picture of a $16 milkshake I got today. Yea, I had a moment of weakness and I’m pretty sure I’m going to become diabetic, but I’m pretty darn happy with my decision. Cheers!

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