Sometimes your world has to slow down to see it for what it is

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I think for everyone this year is a year we will never forget. We are living through a deadly global pandemic and the biggest civil rights movement in history. I’m not sure about you but I feel as though I could do with a six-month nap or in the very least a trip to the Spanish Islands to lie on a beach for a week and read a suitcase filled with books. But this is a time like no other so we can’t do that and we probably won’t be able to for a long time.

A claustrophobic feeling sets…

And found myself in the process

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I am self-employed, so my life requires a lot of self-discipline. I wake up each morning with the best of intentions and a calm mind after a great nights sleep. Then I turn over, begin scrolling and before I know it thirty minutes has passed, my brain is scrambled and I somehow feel defeated before my day has even begun.

It’s not my fault that thirty minutes of scrolling my #Instafeed feels like five minutes in real-time.

It’s also not my fault that in those thirty minutes, I have decided to pursue a career as a social media influencer who…

And keeping me sane in the process…

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Since my quarantine has begun, I have like most, felt a rollercoaster of emotions. At times, I have felt lost, helpless and in a split second can go between feeling terrified and optimistic for the future.

I have baked banana bread, spent too long laughing at tiger king memes and have a TikTok soundtrack running in my head at all times. I have also been the negative nancy in WhatsApp group chats and sat with tears streaming down my face thinking of all of the people behind the statistics I hear about daily.

How to sleep well during uncertain times

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My evenings are pretty much an accurate description of a meme. I wind down at the end of the day with a movie, feel super relaxed, get into bed and automatically every single news story I’ve read about covid-19 begins running through my mind.

I’m sure I’m not the only one during these uncertain times who is struggling to sleep.

For most of us, living through a pandemic is a totally new experience. Our minds and bodies are holding stress that we aren’t even aware of and this stress can take a toll on our ability to sleep.

Dr Rachel…

Five tips to enjoy sex more and stress less

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We have all been there, the sexual tension has been building up all day, the only thing you can think of is ripping your partner’s clothes off and jumping into bed yet as soon as you are both between the sheets, you can’t seem to get out of your head for long enough to really make the most of it.

Sometimes it can be a struggle to truly let go and enjoy sex without spending the whole time in your head overthinking absolutely everything.

For some, it may be worrying about the kids or if the dishwasher was loaded properly…

How it took a pandemic for me to realise what truly matters in life

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For a very long time, I have had a voice in my head, telling me I wasn’t enough. I wasn’t doing enough, I wasn’t being enough, I just wasn’t enough.

I spent 5 years in therapy trying to lose that voice. I changed myself fully, I changed every relationship in my life, including most importantly, the one I had with myself. For the first time, I began loving myself and treating myself with care, something I had failed to do before. I changed my outer reality and my life. I shed a whole skin and emerged a new person. …

8 things you can implement into your day to help stay centred

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I have written previously about my struggle in dealing with this new way of living in the world. I have found it increasingly difficult to stay centred among the chaos. I have also noticed like I’m sure a lot of us have, it’s hard not to go into survival mode and be a ball of anxiety whilst being constantly inundated with information and new rules of what we should and shouldn't be doing to stay safe.

As of last week, my country is on lockdown, my business has lost all of its bookings and my calendar is now empty. Therefore…

Trying to adjust to our new normal.

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A little over a week ago, I owned a small business that I had built up over the past 6 years. I had a steady flow of income and was working towards buying my first home with my partner. Today, on the 20th of March 2020, every booking on my calendar has been cancelled, my business is effectively worthless and I am waiting on emergency welfare payment. And I am one of the lucky ones.

The destruction Covid-19 has had on this world has been truly devastating.

Thousands of people have lost their…

And why it means so much.

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About ten years ago I desperately wanted to go see a psychic. I went with my boyfriend at the time and after my psychic session ended we walked to a wine bar around the corner and I broke up with him. I broke his heart and mine in the process. He was, at the time I thought, my soulmate. It was one of the most dysfunctional things I’ve ever done.

After that day I was understandably afraid to let myself come into contact with anything too spiritual or supernatural, I was afraid my life…

Just call me Mrs Grinch.

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My apartment is so cold there is black mold growing from the windowsills, I am I have

It’s that time of year again. There is a chill in the air, the mornings are darker and the high street is packed with crazed shoppers holding bags full of penny’s PJ and slipper sets. It’s the Christmas season and while I usually find it magical, this year it fills me with dread.

My bank balance is evaporating before my eyes as my shopping list is growing. My calendar is filled with family obligations that send me into another galaxy of anxiety.

My apartment is so cold there is black mold growing from the windowsills…

Rachael Walker

Business owner and aspiring writer from Dublin, writing about self-development, relationships, entrepreneurship and my writing journey.

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