Who’s teaching boys to be men?
The Angry Therapist

The observations that you have made about boys’ lives today are absolutely spot on, but the hypothesis that this is somehow due to the absence of strong father figures seems flawed to me. In fact, it is the presence of “strong alpha males” or the predefined gender roles and ideas of masculinity that define the underlying problem. The inability of boys today to have healthy relationships and attitudes towards women is not because they didn’t have a dad to learn from, its because of the notion that they need one.

There’s a story that does the rounds of the internet about a tribe of baboons where all the alpha males died from eating poison garbage and then the females had to step in and take care of all the baby boy monkeys. They never got aggressive or territorial and they all just lived peacefully and groomed each other instead of fighting and killing incessantly, and that carried through generations. Think about it, it only took one wipeout of the aggressive males to change the whole social order of the species.

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