Imagine waking up to the personalized alarm on your voice based virtual assistant, Alexa. Her voice replacing your partner’s, while getting ready for work. But guess what? You may not even have to ‘get ready’ on most days, as all your work can now be done from home, thanks to the virtual working environment provided by your technologically-forward office operating in the Industry 4.0 economy.

Never mind the pressure on energy, caused by technology because now we don’t have to worry about our future generations! Thanks to the CRISPR gene editing technology, we can now create super human babies who…

Presented by Restorative Innovation

Did you know that paint toxins can damage your brain for decades? Have you realized the harm they can cause to your babies and pets? And then of course, the risk of cancer, asthma and other breathing problems also increases with exposure to such toxins.

Toxic air pollutants such as VOCs (stands for Volatile Organic Compounds) or lead (often emitted by cheap paints), have enormous negative health effects. The Sick building syndrome (SBS) is a widespread discomfort caused by these biological and chemical contaminants.

In a fast-paced life with pressing deadlines, work and personal pressures, there…

“There is a way to do it better. Find it”- Thomas Edison.

The question is, did we?

From the wheel to self-driving cars, phones that require assistance to phones that provide assistance, computers occupying rooms to those fitting on a palm, we have come a long way with our ideas and innovations, haven’t we? Digital innovations, robotics, AI and machine learning technology are all a result of this progress.

But the question today is-have we really found a ‘better’ way of doing things? Or did we replace ‘better’ with ‘easy’ without considering the impact, purpose and sustainability of our innovations?

Rachana Kilari

Masters student, NUS Business School

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