BBA Course

BBA Course

What is BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)?

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a degree program in Commerce and Business Administration that can prepare students to manage companies. BBA is a 3-year program that not only enables students to achieve a professional qualification but also provides fundamental education on management and Business principles.

What are the Core Subjects and specialization available in BBA Course?

Some of the Core Subjects available in BBA Course are as follows:

· Accounting

· Marketing

· Financial Management

· Human Resource Management

· Strategic Management

· Business laws

· Economics

· Management Information System

· Organizational Behavior

Specializations often include:

· Accounting

· Finance

· Entrepreneurship

· Aviation Management

· International Business

· Economics

· Human Resource Management

· Design Management

· Information Technology

· Marketing

· Healthcare and Service management

· Supply Chain Management

· Real Estate

· Public Sector

· Tourism and Hospitality

What are the benefits of opting BBA Course?

· BBA Course not only enables students to get the professional qualification but also develops practical, managerial and communicational skills.

· In the span of 3 year many programs incorporate training and practical experience in the form of industrial visits, presentations, projects, internships, interaction with experts from the industry.

· Practically students can learn lots of corporate activities.

· Can gain more knowledge about product marketing.

· Analysis company and business person case study

· International business overview recognition

Which are the Best BBA Colleges in Bangalore?

· Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College — (SBMJC)

· Global Institute of Management science

· Osteen College

· Basaveshwara college of Commerce, Science, and Arts

· Hasanath College for women

While choosing an institute for doing BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), one should make sure that he chooses an institute with a good brand name. Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College (SBMJC) is one such institute where the brand name talks.

Jain College not only enables students to achieve a professional qualification but also assists management graduates in relating their skills to the needs of business. The program will equip students with first-class communication, teamwork and leadership skills, and cross-cultural understanding.

What is the eligibility criteria to join BBA Course in Jain College?

The necessary qualification for BBA at Jain College, Bangalore is that students should have passed PUC / ISC/CBSE or Equivalent exam.