What is the difference between PGDM and MBA?

What is the difference between PGDM and MBA?

What is the difference between PGDM and MBA? Why should one opt for PGDM?

PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma in Management is offered by autonomous institutions as they cannot offer MBA. Today most of the students are in a confusion whether to opt for an MBA or a PGDM. Both are different but PGDM has got a couple of benefits when compared to MBA.

Many get confused when they see the word “Diploma”, students think that it is just a diploma course and not a degree. The reason why such postgraduate courses are named as post graduate diploma is because institutions which are not affiliated to a university i.e. autonomous institutions cannot offer an MBA degree as they are independent bodies. Therefore the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) is giving the authority to conduct PGDM courses in approved colleges. It’s not necessary that institutions providing PGDM courses should always be autonomous.

Similar to how the UGC (University Grants Commission) controls all universities in India, the AICTE has the control over both technical and management courses provided by autonomous institutions.

The major plus of PGDM course over MBA is that the curriculum of PGDM is more flexible. It will get updated from time to time. Whereas the curriculum of MBA won’t be like that, as MBA course is offered by institutions which are affiliated to universities, the curriculum will get updated once in 3–4 years or maybe more. The curriculum of MBA is more exam-oriented and covers the theoretical aspects, while that of PGDM is more industry-oriented and covers the soft skill aspects. In fact, PGDM makes you industry ready and prepares you for the market. An MBA course is for those people who would like to get a comprehensive view of the program, whereas, a PGDM course is for those who would like to specialize in their areas of interest, it’s more like having an in-depth knowledge.

MBA helps the students in developing their technical knowledge, while a PGDM course will make the students ready for senior and complex roles in management and in fact, paves way for a brighter future in career. Hence, if you are looking for a career in the demanding and challenging zones of management, then PGDM will be the best to step into.

While choosing an institute for doing PGDM, one should make sure that he chooses an institute with a good brand name. MIME is one such institute where the brand name talks. MIME (Mats Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship) is the first B-School of JGI Group. JGI is a reputed organization since 90’s and today it represents a cluster of 85 educational institutions.

For more details www.mime.ac.in/pgdm-colleges-in-bangalore.php