Plans for how you could improve the community were absent.
Interesting response.
Loret Steinberg


They remain on my website: Tons of ideas and links to media appearances with even more information. You would have received six mailings from me, all containing my website and phone number. No one puts policy papers in a flyer. Bronson didn’t do that, either.

Your impression of my candidacy — intentional or not — reinforces what I write in my essay. People took it as a matter of course I had no substance.

While you didn’t mean to offend me, many people repeated the things you said all summer in the face of plenty of evidence to the contrary. Ignoring a woman’s qualifications — which you’re doing when you say I had no substance — is indeed sexist.

Again, I personally visited 2,700 voters, sent 4,000 letters and sent 6 flyers to 6,400 voters. I did the maximum I could with $45,000. I was outspent 4 to 1. I faced vicious and false attacks. Therefore, your conclusions about my lack of engagement are just way off base.

I hope you take a second look at my candidacy. I’m sure I will try again. And I would be happy to meet you. I appreciate your comments!

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