It would be great if you ran for another office and offered goals and policies of substance.
I appreciate that you were/are moved to become more active in the community and I read all the…
Loret Steinberg

Did you read your response? It’s full of the same sexism I call out in my book and in this essay. You’re repeating my opponent’s talking points: I am a flake with no reason to run. You’re even engaging in personal attacks — saying I don’t care deeply about the community.

Like so many, you ignore my qualifications and numerous ideas and policy positions readily available on my campaign website.

As far as outreach, I didn’t have $200,000 to bomb mailboxes in the same way my opponent did. He offered no new ideas, no new policy positions and his mailers offered zero substance. Nor does he have a track record of passing much legislation and getting it signed into law.

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