While I often adventure solo, the adventures with one or two great people are the ones that I really enjoy. The best experiences, like great meals, are those we share.

I’m trying to find balance between wanting to explore a place solo and waiting for people to join me. Often I go solo because I’m impatient when I’ve decided to do something and people have so many (often valid) reasons to say no— I can’t get off work, it is too expensive, we should invite this other person and the boyfriend, and now we need to coordinate 10 people’s logistics and expectations and no one wants to go to that exhibit that I really want to see so I strike out on my own anyway. And then don’t have the conversation and connection that I crave. Sigh.

My independent streak sometimes isn’t good for me.

I still haven’t discovered that sweet spot in the middle that satisfies my needs and desires but isn’t so far away from the beaten and comfortable path that others will join me. I’m not sure it even exists.

So, I’ll continue to make choices while working to balance my desire for adventure and exploration with my craving for companionship.