This is the stupidest self-improvement project ever

After most heartbreaks, I tend to get this spurt of mania. Well… after I’ve slept off the headache that comes from too much ugly-crying.

I start to feel this urge to go forth and separate myself from the past self that was in that relationship. Prove I am different. Prove I have a future. And also maybe distract the shit out of myself and try to convince myself that everything’s totally okay.

In the past there’s been improv. Purple hair. And now… this.

We’ve all heard of 30 day challenges, right? Pick one (typically positive) thing and stick with it for 30 days. The idea being (other than it fitting conveniently in one month) that habits start to really take hold around the 30 day mark. So hopefully this challenge will lead to lasting change. Or at least a perspective shift.

I had already committed to one 30 day challenge (NaNoWriMo) by this point. But my brain apparently craved more. I started researching other challenges as fodder for potential future posts. At the same time, I was working on my last listicle (will you join me today in petitioning to change this word?! I can’t NOT think of testicle. Like… a listless testicle? sad!):

I was getting all inceptiony in my brain-parts. Combine that with the 30-day challenge ideas and you get this monstrosity of a concept I so masochistically concocted:

The 30 Days of 30 Day Challenges Challenge

That’s right. I planned to start thirty 30-day challenges, one after the other… for 30 days. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, oh so just another 30 day challenge.


This will end up lasting a total of 59 days. Day 1, I began the first challenge. Day 2, I began the second challenge and did the second day of the first. And so on and so forth…The peak is Day 30, the only day when I will be doing all challenges at once.

and accepted. and accepted. and accepted. and accepted…

Now, to be fair, not all of these challenges are actively DOING things. For instance, the first challenge is no alcohol, which I have successfully completed for… oh god. It’s only been 4 days.

Other examples:

✨ No complaining

✨ Wake up at 6am

✨ Random act of kindness

✨ No caffeine

✨ Do a cartwheel a day

✨ No lying

✨ Keep a laugh journal

I’ve only done 4 days so far, so it’s hard to tell if there’s been any impact just yet. One thing I can say is that I’m maybe taking on too much in my life lately, as it might have possibly slipped my mind that I had jury duty earlier this week 😬 …

The not drinking is proving to be harder than I had expected. Not that I’m a lush by ANY standards. I just enjoy beer. If you know me, you also then know how much I enjoy burping said beer. It will be interesting to see what dating is like for the next 26 days. Especially if whomever I’m out with still drinks. Maybe offering a unique perspective that my beer-goggly self might not otherwise get/want to see.

I’m not entirely sure how I’ll be processing this… journey… just yet. I’ll definitely write about it at the end, after I’ve been hauled back to the psychiatric ward. Thinking about maybe checking in with people weekly. To have some sort of outlet. That’s not therapy. Because, like a good therapist, she doesn’t judge or give me advice. So I need my judgy mcjudgerson friends for this one.

If you’d like even more of a window into my mind (god help you), I’ve attached a template of how I’m keeping track of all the challenges. Feel free to use this yourself or build something similar.

Have you done any 30-day challenges that helped you or were really impactful? Any ideas on how to make this all harder for myself? Let me know ❤

Also, I could use all the encouragement I can get to get through the next 55 days. So if you wouldn’t mind clicking and holding 👏 below — I’ll love you forever…