Expensive Gyms Are Maybe Worth It
Megan Reynolds

I pay $100 a month for my workout classes, and I don’t even have showers, a spacious waiting room, fancy soaps, etc. there. However, I love the instructors, get a very good work out in an hour and going there makes me feel STRONG and tough which is something I never felt before. That sounds like Crossfit, but it’s not. My class is similar to Orange Theory. An hour class with 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training. I love it. Totally worth my $100.

I also pay $30 a month to the Y which is in the same building as my classes. This is worth it to me because 1. I like to give money to organizations doing helpful things for our community and 2. I can use their shower, locker room, etc. and exercise equipment to supplement what I have at my other gym.

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