We’re Happier if We Pay Someone Else to Do Our Chores
Nicole Dieker

I pay someone to clean my house bi-weekly, and it IS SO WORTH IT. My husband and I made this decision when I was going through a pretty serious bout of depression. I’m the type of person who needs the house to be pretty clean in order to relax. The time it was taking out of my life to keep my house that clean and the sheer amount of time I spent thinking about it was giving me a ton of anxiety. I didn’t realize it how big of an impact it would make at the time, but making the decision to pay for a housekeeper made a big difference in my overall mental health. It sounds silly and feels silly to me typing it out, but it’s true.

On that note, I pay someone directly and buy my own supplies, too. I also tip very well and give a holiday bonus. The housekeeper is a serious live changer, and I treat her as such :)