#Naija Employee Memoirs..

Wait wait..! are these people jokers at all because i remember been employed as a research analyst, all of a sudden, with my B.Sc and Masters i am now working as a receptionist, cleaner, document filer, office assistant and I’m sure they will add driver if i had a license….all these work with a salary of N40,000! On top of that, my boss will be sending somebody on errands without transport and be saying yeye things like you should be ready to sacrifice for the organization, that is how people get promoted’ see now oh, 4 years have passed, no promotion, same salary and they will just be adding more work on my head, I can’t remember the last time I had a weekend to myself all in the name of hard work… late nights and no weekends- Kuku kill me O jare!

But sometimes, I really don’t get these things, I resume 8am and close 5pm which is normal office time, but it has been made a crime now for me to close 5pm, my boss will all of a sudden start a speech on how I am not taking my job seriously, biko, tell me how my presence in the office solves any of our problem. so I should just sit down and be looking at your face like television or chewing-gum my face to the computer screen and be forming serious when I am just scrolling my face-book page. I really don’t get what these Naija employers want: hard-work or face-work.

An employee is someone you hire to do you A service you can’t do by yourself within agreed terms with the employer but a naija employee is one who a naija employer hires to do five different types of service with payment for one service of which he/she is to work from 8am till the moon sets. And if you don’t have work experience…just shut up your mouth and start living in the office.

*sigh* I don’t even know if we have employee protection in this country, the boss will give you multiple tasks outside your agreement without an increase in pay because of there are no jobs in Nigeria plus all these people preaching that you should start your own business…if everyone starts, who will be the person pushing the business forward. This my boss treats us like he is doing us a favour by employing us, so if he says we should carry him on our backs…we should be happy to do it without complaining and even if we do all this work, his usual slang will be ‘I don’t even know what you people are doing, you need to be more hard-working’ no be only more hardworking…mtcheww.

To make it worse, they give you all of this tasks and say things like ‘I am only testing your skills, if you do better, I can actually promote you’ and that is how you will carry that incentive in your mind, working or better still slaving your ass off like crazy, doing all nights and praying for your life to be better, then your boss simply starts the complaint ‘there is no money, no contracts, I really don’t know what you people are doing’ oh really, no money, next thing I hear is that my boss has bought a G-wagon and a house in maitama!

Gerarahere mehhn shiii…

I don’t know when employers will see this as a relationship and not slavery. People give their best when they perceive that they are been looked out for. I wonder what will happen if all the employees in Nigeria just decide to stop working…scratch that- that will never happen. But the truth is employers need employees just as employees need employers…its exchange of value!

The END!

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