Women do not hate women…they hate men and pour the hate on women.

My boss happens to be a woman, I guess she’s in her mid-40s, not sure she has a family, I mean husband and kids or else she wouldn’t always say her national anthem ‘men are just scum, if you give them a chance, they’ll ruin you’. She’d say that all the time to empower me that is a younger woman who works for her. She always say things like, ‘you can ask me any questions, you are a woman like me and I am in your life as your boss to help you’ but ehhn I dare not ask questions about my tasks, I am DEAD!…she’d be like ‘What! You want to tell me you can’t handle the task I gave you! Is there anything left in that dumb skull of yours, you are just a good for nothing human being’ I leave her wondering if I am good for something, I sure work my ass off but she never sees it, all she does is wail about how ‘men are scum’. So I’m here asking myself, do women hate men but still want men so they can’t show their hate to them and decide to hate women instead?

She always talks about how her goals are to empower women…’duhhh…all you have been empowering me with is how much you hate men…and I sure get the brunt for your hatred’ I hear people say women hate women, personally, I haven’t seen a woman in this age grade that has proven this statement otherwise and in Nigeria, if a woman is in her 40s and happens to be a boss to a lady in her 20s….mehhn forget it! That lady is DEAD! Every day will be a new drama…

why is your hair like that?’ (Even though it’s a Hollywood hairstylist that makes it)

your dress is so short’(this complement comes when you are ON POINT with your outfit)

you don’t know anything’ ( Just to make you feel as if you are a dondi and they know it all)

why are you 2 mins late today’ ( naaahh…they never over look anything)

If the lady should have a Man in her life that takes the position of a boyfriend, fiancée or husband, she is even deader…and if the boss is in her 40s is not married…she is deadest! Really, the list is endless! Plus you dare not respond to any of these ‘complementary questions’ or you can see yourself out on a date with drama. Ok, let me not be partial, how about women of the same age grade; 20s, 30s, 40s…please if you are in your 50s and still got time to beef, Nne you need Jesus! But its not so different, I must say I have seen the most supportive lady friends, maybe the ‘hate’ at this level is just a mere belief or just assumptions especially with ladies in their 20s and maybe 30s: ‘she is looking at me one-kind’ ‘I don’t like the way she talks to me’ ‘what is she feeing like’ BUT let there not be a MAN involved in the matter…AH! That’s when Linda Ikeji and other blogs will put up stories like:

‘Two ladies fight each other over boyfriend’

They will even go as far as removing pata and bra on the road! it doesn’t matter if they are the best of friends, they become enemies straight up, you never see a woman fight a man because of another woman. If it happens already, then I can sip champagne…but I am sure it doesn’t happen often.

So Ladies and gentlewomen… Queens and King of Queens…yonces…whatever power figure you believe you are I know you love your selves…so lets individually work at been the reason why your sister, or friend will stop believing that women hate women…you can just start by giving the lady next to you a genuine complement…*winks*

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