If you think women in tech is just a pipeline problem, you haven’t been paying attention
Rachel Thomas

Just a comment (as a woman in engineering/research and development) I feel that it is a bit unfair to say that a competitive environment should be abandoned in order to accommodate demographics of people (subsets within either gender, different personality types, etc.) because if you are working in an industry in a competitive market, should you not have a competitive mentality? Yes, also collaborative in that you are all still working toward a common goal, but we are indeed talking about capitalistic society. Therefore I do not think that industries should change their set ups (that have been working) to accommodate one type of potential employee. Regardless of ability, if someone isn’t a good fit for the company based on personality or character traits, then they still aren’t a good fit for the company. Any blossoming and progressive corporation or company (think Google) will convey that message. Just like how we require engineers to be extroverted more now than before and need them to be able to communicate effectively, we should also require engineers to be competitive in spirit.

Other than that, great message! We need more women in engineering!

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