Hello World I’m an Engineer with the Hair

A brief introduction to me, my writing, and why I absolutely love science.

A beautiful illustration of graphene: one of my favorite nanomaterials. Image Source: ExtremeTech.com

Welcome to a subsection my brain! Whether you were wrangled in by a social media post or you have stumbled upon my blog in valient attempts to save your physics grade with some physicsclassroom.com articles, I am glad the internet has brought you here. So sit back and relax — but don’t forget your thinking caps.

Why the blog?

Two reasons that are somewhat intertwined: Because I can and because I care.

I’ll address the former: I’m an undergraduate second year student in NanoEngineering at University of California, San Diego, and as an undergraduate (as opposed to a faculty member or graduate student) I do not have much of a platform for educating others on facets of nanotechnology and nanoscale science. I am also currently an assistant in Dr. Darren Lipomi’s research group in the NanoEngineering department, my main roles being those related to graphene fabrication and application.

To address the latter: I wanted to study NanoEngineering for a reason. I was inspired in high school by a teacher of mine who infected my brain with the love for Nano. Ever since that class in my third year of high school, Nano became a part of how I was viewing and thinking about the the world. I didn’t want to simply watch this fantastic subset of science and engineering completely alter how our society operates and what we consider normal, but I felt called to be a part of this revolution. But I also realized that I am not going to be around forever, and that there are millions of people on the planet who have no idea what Nano is, much less why it’s important. And without the next generation of Nano-ers, we are doomed to the tredmills and dead ends of classical physics and the macro scale (no disrespect to Mr. Newton, by the way.) My goal is that this can be used by people to learn more about Nano

In short, I wanted to provide perspective — a mish mash of my thoughts of what it means to be in nano or a researcher, what it’s like for underrepresented people like me to be in science, and other things I find important. That includes things like explanations of basic concepts (i.e. a “Nano for Not-So-Dummies”) or discussing other researchers’ paths in science and personal life and how they are intertwined.

Some chores and business to attend to…

I will also be referencing and suggesting various sites, journal articles, and books for further reading or expansion, none of which I have been compensated for suggesting, unless otherwise explicitly mentioned. Please feel free let me know (like a humane, decent human being) if something doesn’t seem correct, if I’m missing a citation, or you have seen credible/academic information to otherwise contradict statements written here. My LinkedIn is a great resource if you are a bit more curious about my background in Nano. There you will find my CV, publications, and other work.

Final words:

I can’t wait to share the wonder of Nano with internet wanderers and those who may have an interest in how the world is going to change in the next 25 years.

Who’s with me?

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