Pipette Magazine | Call for Pitches

Interested in submitting your work to Pipette Magazine? We’d love to hear from you. First, a few guidelines to help you focus your pitches. Pipette is a very specific publication!

  1. What is Pipette?

Pipette Magazine is a new indie magazine about natural wines. Issue 1 printed at the end of September 2018, and can be ordered online or found at stockists around the world as of early October.

Your best bet if you want to write for Pipette is to find a copy and check it out! If you saw Terre Magazine’s first two issues, then you’re already familiar with Pipette Magazine, as it’s basically a rebranding/continuation, with a few changes.

Like Terre, Pipette is mostly longform journalism and interviews on the theme of natural wines, and print only. The magazine comes out 3x/year and is distributed globally to about 100 small bookstores or magazine shops, wine boutiques, and various concept shops. Like most indie mags, we are very niche in terms of what we cover; the culture around natural wines is our main focus. More info on natural wines here.

2. Why should I write for Pipette?

You should write for Pipette if you’re a professional journalist or writer and have a story you want to share that doesn’t have a home elsewhere, which really fits into the vibe of this print magazine about natural wines. Alternately, if you’re a wine professional and have a knack for scribbing, and feel compelled to get a memoir/humor piece/rant/essay out into the world, and you think it has international appeal (very important!), then you also could be a great fit for Pipette.

A lot of time goes into each article in Pipette, so please be prepared for multiple edits. We are making a fairly pricey magazine that people will read over the course of months. That means all writing must be of the highest quality possible.

And you should write for Pipette if you want to be welcomed into a warm family of natural wine and terroir nerds. Even if we don’t all get to hang out in person, the magazine brings its contributors and readers alike together over social media and within the pages of something very unique and special. There may be opportunities to get involved with issue launch events, as well.

Payment, you’re probably wondering about. You could say that we pay contributors just enough to take themselves and a friend out to dinner, with a decent bottle of Cru Beaujolais. The magazine is funded by pre-orders, and most of that income goes to paying the printer and designer, and to shipping expenses. One day, we’ll be able to pay contributors more.

3. How do I pitch ideas?

Please send ideas for to Rachel (the editor) at pipettemagazine@gmail.com. For Issue 2, your ideas should come to us by October 15th, preferably. Story turnaround needs to be about one month, maximum. If you are pitching a story based on previous travel or research, please outline in detail what the original purpose of that trip or research was. If you have professional motivations (i.e. you’re on salary as an ambassador for Wines of Chile, and you’re pitching a profile of a Chilean winemaker), please don’t try to sound like an objective reporter.

Please give your pitches working titles. And please indicate whether they fit into one of the following categories: Essay | Feature | Interview | Wine Bar Review. Or, something else! Make it up.

Generally, Pipette will publish only first-hand reporting. Phone interviews should be only a supplement to original research.

Please don’t ask if we are looking for “content.” We don’t publish “content” like a website does. We publish original journalism and writing, complimented by original artwork and photography, from top talent around the world.

REMEMBER: Stories must have international appeal. Would someone living in Hong Kong, or London, or Melbourne, or Toronto, want to read the idea you’re pitching? If not, then maybe reframe it with an angle that’s more universal, or it might not be the right fit.

Artists and photographers, please send your portfolios and any ideas via email! We’d love to commission work from you and/or feature your work as a visual essay.

Need to see a copy of Pipette Magazine ASAP, and no stockists are near you (please check first)? Just mention this in your e-mail to pipettemagazine@gmail.com and we’ll try to help.

This is what Terre Issue 1 looked like:

And here’s a snapshot of Issue 2:

Lastly, please do send links or mentions of published work. Thank you for your interest in working with us. Please allow one week for response. Thank you!


Rachel Signer