That means they vote for entitlement programs
The majority of immigrants from Latin countries vote for programs that expand government oversight.

A lot of people don’t like to pay for other people’s ‘stuff’ because someone tells them to think that. In reality, we end up paying for other people’s stuff all the time, one way or another. But the funny thing about these programs is that they — the poor white people — take advantage of them too. So they vote against these policies and they shoot themselves in the foot. And then you’re left wondering why your premiums are going through the roof and insurers are dropping out of your marketplace and it’s because your red state voted against Medicaid expansion because someone told them: paying for other people’s stuff is BAAAAAD, we won’t do that, no sir. Pay for your own damn stuff.

P.S. Nobody is rallying for open borders. We support immigration reform. DACA is an admirable program in that it was rewarding those doing it the right way: obeying laws and obtaining an education. I think someone that thought they were going to have this opportunity only to have it stripped away from them has every right to be angry.

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