Anthony Bourdain’s Shade Thrown Coffee
Tony Konecny

Ever since I stopped drinking alcohol (maybe that’s Anthony’s problem?), coffee has become pretty important to me, but I’m still a newbie. I’d recommend boutique roasters drop some samples off at AA meetings. I’ll give you our address in the Boston area. ;-)

One of my most memorable cups of coffee was at HMF in The Breakers in Palm Beach. The menu reads:


A perfect collection of small-batch coffee and espresso drinks made precisely to order.

6.5 HC Valentine, Aztec Blend

6.5 Stumptown, House Blend

6.5 Gorilla, Blendimentosis

7.5 Espresso or Cappuccino

6.5 Loose Leaf Tea

I don’t remember which I ordered, I just asked for the darkest roast. It’s served in a french press — I wish more restaurants served their coffee like this. I recommend also ordering the Pumpkin Praline, Bread Pudding with Tahitian Vanilla Bean Custard, or any of their desserts for that matter.

All that money I’m saving from not drinking, I can spend on food and coffee now. ;-)

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