You proved you have no argument the moment you used ‘mansplaining.’
Shachar Haad

I see the point now but it’s a ridiculous illustration. So in order for a ‘vagina in the White House’ to be deserving of the presidency, they have to be as successful and creative in their field as possible? Besides that I disagree that she wouldn’t have been a successful president.

Is Trump an excellent business man? That’s seriously arguable. Did people believe he’d be a successful president when they voted for him? I’m betting that most didn’t care as long as it wasn’t Hillary. So here we’ve got the bar set for the woman way the fuck up there, and the bar set for this other guy anywhere you want to put it. Here we’ve got a woman who’s presidency would be predictable and anything but chaotic or a Trump presidency … which would be anything but predictable and for many was just a giant ‘fuck you’ to the rest of us, having nothing to do with how good a president he would be.

Does the character of the person matter to you? Do you have no problem with Trump’s character? My familiarity with the man goes back decades. My grandfather worked for his father. I never found his character suitable for politics at any level.

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