Now imagine you said the same thing about the current definition of “diversity” you’d be labelled a…
Jeff A

I sense that you were setting up this banter in order to use that response, but I ain’t buying it.

Identifying diversity is fairly black and white, pun intended. Most of us can check a box next to that which we identify with and statistics can be compiled. Done.

Do all liberal professors have the same amount of bias seeping into their lesson plan? How do we know they never present an alternate viewpoint? And if they do, how do we measure that against their point for being liberal? +50? -50 if they ever mention it’s Bush’s fault?

Where does it end? Should we also have professors representing all religions? For sure a Buddhist has a different perspective than a Mormon. Perhaps all social classes? Urban versus country? South versus North? East versus West? Were they raised with 2 parents or 1? What if those parents were same-sex? Did they have siblings? Surely someone raised as an only child has a different perspective than someone growing up in a large family? Have they ever been the victim of a violent crime? What if they listened to Nickelback… like… ever?!? All these things must surely have an effect on their teaching methods and cause them to look at things with a different perspective.

  • how would universities afford all these different professors? I’d expect those costs would be passed on to the students.
  • wouldn’t universities become rather homogeneous?
  • how would conservative universities feel about this accommodation? It would have to work both ways…

Maybe it’s not enough that we know if corporations lean liberal or conservative — maybe we need hard stats there too? OMG WHERE DOES IT END!?!?!

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