My Cat Is Ruining My Credit
drew salisbury

I’m not sure if you took your cat to an ER vet or a standard vet, but the ER vets always charge significantly more money than a regular vet office. Go to the ER vet for life-saving treatments but then follow up with your normal vet for xrays, tests, etc. If your normal vet is charging that much money, maybe it’s time to shop around?

The Humane Society has suggestions for other ideas:

There are lots of people out there that will do whatever they can to help you keep your cats until their natural passing. It’s too traumatic for them to be re-homed or end up in a shelter at this point in their lives. Pet-lovers won’t judge harshly if you were forced to open a go-fund-me to help with their care. But if you get to a point where your pet’s bad days out-number the good ones, then it may be time…

Good luck!

(I can’t believe your roommate stepped on her head!?! OMG!)

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