Answer my actual question and we can have a conversation about it, what is the liberal/conservative…
Jeff A

No. I will not answer your “actual” question (which was not your original question — so don’t *demand* I answer your “actual” question). Isn’t political bias rather subjective? How would you assign a value to it? And what value is there to having such statistics when the political leaning of a college or professor is already pretty easy to identify? In my opinion, this sounds like a ridiculous argument. If you want to shake up academia with more conservatives, by all means — give it a shot. But by assigning values to perceived bias in order to compile statistics sounds like a step towards government control, does it not?

Here, maybe you’ll actually read this since it was written by a conservative (where is your own diversity in thought, sir?) The author addresses your topic within the content but I’ll let you read it to find it because I’m done doing your homework for you:

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