How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization
David Hopkins

So you don’t watch Big Bang Theory? Do you think Leonard can do better than Penny? Do you think they’re really compatible? Why is it always about getting the hot girl anyways? Do you think BBT has done wonders for nerds?

The thing with Ross is that he’s always had a crush on Rachel — ever since they were kids. And she was shallow even then. And we love to hate Ross because he’s often a wet blanket. He’s a whiner. He’s the guy that falls too fast and hard for a girl causing us to run away and date as*holes. Or Joey. How YOU doin’?

Back up to 1984. Didn’t you ever see Revenge of the Nerds?

This is just silly. The only thing that Friends did to ruin Western civilization was to create the fantasy that you could find a giant rent controlled apartment in NYC and afford to live on a coffee shop waitress’ salary.

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