FSW immigration preparations

I’m trying to get a permanent residence in Canada. I have skills, so don’t I apply Federal Skilled Worker program? hmmmm, there are a lots of documents what I have to prepare.

Here is what I’ve done until now.

  • To apply my education assessments (progress)
  • To take the CELPIP test
  • To ask my reference letter to the previous company.

So, I started it from my education assessment. Oh man.. it takes too many times. I applied it on May, but my application is still in the queue. sighs…

Anyways, I took a Celpip test. I’m not sure I can get at least 7/7/7/7 though. Whatever. My goal is 9/9/9/9. I will get this scores soon!!!

The most annoying part is….the reference letters. sighs.. I worked for 4 companies. One of them is already closed. And I only worked another company 3 months. I’m not sure they kept my history yet. Rest of them are good. Still I can contact them. So, I contacted one company. They will give me Korean reference letter. Although I need to translate it, I’m happy! It’s good start.

I will keep update my immigration story. I hope that this will be helpful to someone.