Creating a habit

I try so hard to get organised, I start off each week full of good intentions, hoping to eat healthy, practice Mindfulness, work smarter, see more of the kids, and the husband, my parents, friends and family.

I plan to give the house some tlc and actually plan meals, sort out all the school letters, and maybe have some time to chill amongst also working full time.

More recently I signed up to a 6.30am gym class three days a week, and am hoping to run a 10k race in two weeks and a half marathon in a few more after that.

Pretty much every week I fail.

But then I’m being so tough on myself, I’m failing at most things on that list because it is so enormous. Every day I want to get healthier, and thinner, but my lack of prep means I don’t have the tools to do that. My busy life means I’m tired, and taking on too much is just crazy.

So, from now on, I’m going to stop trying to do everything and focus on doing one thing well.

I’m planning to form habits, but one habit at a time.

Habit one, is to be more mindful, to give myself at least 5 mins a day to sit mindfully. I have an awesome app called Buddhify that I love, so starting right now I’m going to build a new habit and look to the future….

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