8 Best Innovative Technology In 2017

Anyone who knows what’s up in this technological era, knows that things change every single day. People make, create and innovate almost every other day and for this, the market is always laden with new and sophisticated innovative tech. This is one of the reasons why product reviews are essential and productondeal.com is one of the few platforms that offers honest product review. Thousands of these new innovations find use in our everyday life, in various sectors of human endeavor.

Compiling a list of the top ten innovative technology for 2017 is surely going to be a hard task, but definitely not insurmountable. From the Consumer Electronics Show that held in Las Vegas earlier in the year, as well as other science and tech fairs, here are the ten best innovative technology to look out for in 2017.

1. Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

This high level, massive innovation from Sleep Number is a welcome idea for the time we live in, where people rarely get good sleep, thanks to the worries of life and ever busy schedules. Sleep Number’s Smart Bed was developed with the aim to help people get more restful and better sleep experiences. With a remote or your smartphone, you can make adjustments to suit your preferences and enable sound sleep. The bed also self-adjusts in your sleep as you change positions, optimizing your sleep surface and comfort.

The bed detects when you snore and manipulates your body positions to quell this. It also warms your feet when you get in it, enabling you fall asleep faster. Finally, it provides a smart alarm to wake you up when the time is due.

2. Facial Recognition for payment

Have you ever thought of what it feels like for Bill Gates to go shopping? Of course, the great billionaire must carry his debit cards, or whatever card he uses along with him, just as you do. But what if he can just show up, shop and say his name, then have the expenses debited from his account?

That’s what a certain Chinese company is bringing, payment with facial recognition. With this smart piece of innovation aimed at the ultimate convenience when shopping or having to spend, you only have to give your account details and show your face before being debited. While this innovation isn’t yet widespread, certain big firms in the country are already subscribing to it. With the success in the world’s most populous country, it’s only a matter of time before we all see it.

3. Electric cars

The concern of climate change and degrading environmental factors, alongside man’s incessant quest to create something spectacular might be said to be responsible for the creation of the electric car. While this piece of innovation didn’t just come up in 2017, the year has seen a lot of automobile companies subscribing to it even more and more, rom Audi, to Tesla, Mercedes and a whole lot more.

These energy friendly, highly efficient cars are better than their fueled counterparts. The year has seen many advancements in the performance, engine ability, shape and designs, as well as numerous tests to keep these cars accident free.

4. Automotive cars

This is actually the new craze. Self-driven cars!!! Who would’ve thought? Many automobile companies as well had been working on this project.

2017 finally has brought this upon us. With cars plying the roads all driven by themselves, this is surely one of the greatest innovations of the year.

5. Aira Smart Sunglasses

Aira is one of 2017’s most important innovations. It’s a smart sunglass for visually impaired people. The device allows the visually impaired person to connect with the outside world and with the Aira agent, a speech-enabled component of the device, the user can be talked through certain situations when using the device like crossing roads, shopping, etc.

6. Faraday Future 91

This electric car is a bit different from all other cars in its category. The car has a cooling, heating and massage system, a rocket-like acceleration, having the ability to go from 0–60mph in just 2.39 seconds making it the fastest in the world, and the ability for autonomous driving. Its doors are motorized, without handles, automatic seat adjustment, the use of facial recognition instead of car keys to start it and the use of cameras and HD displays instead of side and rearview mirrors. All these features and more can only be found on Faraday Future 91.

7. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a smart-home innovation from Amazon which allows you have control of certain components of your home at your convenience all by just speaking. The device lets you control the home heating system, switches, control electric doors, music players, sound systems and many more. All you need do is speak your words and it does what you command.

These aren’t all the innovative techs of the year 2017. There are still many more out there, but these stand out for me.

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