Saved by Gmail; Amazing Things You Did Not Know About Gmail

The invention of the electronic mail by an Indian-born American scientist; V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai in 1978 at the age of 14 years has proven to be one of the most useful inventions in the information and communications technology industry. Messages, documents and pictures in form of ‘attachments’ are now sent seamlessly from one person to another or a group of people in real time as long as they possess an internet connection. This has efficiently eliminated the tedious paper-based interoffice and inter-organisational communication system, thus boosting productivity across different industries.

There are basically two types of email; the Client-based mail which is used by businesses and the Webmail which is accessed through a web browser from a computer with internet connection. The Webmail is more popular and features major Webmail service providers like Google mail, yahoo mail and hotmail. Among others. Google mail sets the pace with a few perks. Here are 5 amazing things you can do with a www. in no order.

1. Increase Your Email Productivity; when it comes to management of your email, Google mail has three words for you; GOOGLE MAIL LABS. This is an amazing multi-purpose tool with some cool features like;

a. Quick Links: Ever get tired of scrolling for the same message repeatedly? How about those favourite searches of yours? Wish u could access them with a simple click? Quick links offers this. Once you enable quick links in Gmail Labs, you will see a box on the left in which you can add one click access to any bookmarkable URL in Gmail including saved searches, specific messages, labels or anything else. It’s that easy!

b. Canned Responses: If you find yourself doing a lot of repetitive typing, say a thank you message to your friends for making it to the annual reunion, or that special new month message you send every month when too tired to get creative, the Canned Responses lab will save you serious time. Enable it in Gmail Labs, type in the messages you find yourself sending over and over again and then send them in the future with a click of the button. You can even send them automatically using filters which makes for a useful vacation responder.

c. Preview External Services in Messages: Having a Google account gives you access to its features like Google maps and Google voice. Gmail labs let you preview things like videos, documents, voicemails and images in emails. For instance, if one of your contacts sends you a message with an address in it, the Google maps preview lab will automatically show you the address on a map. Cool right?

d. Rescind Replies: We have all been in situations where our emotions get the better of us and we say or send strong worded messages we wish we could take back the very next second. Gmail Labs offers you a “second chance” with its undo send feature. After sending an email, Gmail will wait a predefined number of seconds configurable in Gmail’s settings before sending your message. During this period, you can simmer down and hit the undo button if you feel you have made a mistake.

2. Five Star Security: Gmail really does provide unrivalled security features from Start (sign in) to Finish (log out), ensuring privacy of your mail.

Let’s Start: Signing in on Gmail has been made safer and easier via Google prompt; once you attempt signing in on your android device, a prompt is sent to your device asking you if you are trying to sign in. You can simply tap yes to sign in. This protects the contents of your mail as this prompt is always sent to your device so you are always aware of activities on your account no matter where you are.

How about the Finish: So you remembered you had to use your friend’s computer to check that mail you have been expecting because your phone died and forgot to log out. Or what if your buddy from college had been sending you embarrassing pictures of yourself all day at work and you forgot to log out before leaving the office. How do you make sure your mail remains private? Gmail allows you to log out remotely from any device available to you. I would say that’s a pretty amazing feature!

3. Send a Text Message: Text messages can be sent to your Gmail contacts using the Chat function. To enable this, go to settings and click on Labs, search for SMS in chat. Click on enable and save your settings.

To send a text:

Enter the name of your contact in the “search, chat, or SMS” box on the left side of your inbox(your chat feature must be on to see this)

Select “send Text(SMS)” in the options box that appears

Enter the phone number you want to text in the dialogue box and click Save.

Type your message on the chat window that appears and hit enter. The message will be sent as a text.

4. Rediscovery of Memories: it’s definitely not easy to hold onto a device for long. They either get missing, broken or we just get tired of them. Luckily, Gmail makes sure we don’t lose our memories in form of videos, pictures and messages alongside our device. Did you know that once you connect your android phones to your Gmail account, it automatically backs up all your files? Pretty impressive if you ask me.

This list of cool features is by no means exhaustive. Let us know some of your favourite amazing Gmail features.

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