High Quality Hereke Oriental Rugs

Hereke rugs and carpets possess some of the finest quality silk produced anywhere in the world. Hereke rugs earned their name from the tribe that produces them — the Hereke village located in northwest Anatolia (otherwise known as Turkey).

Luxurious Hereke Products

For the past two and a half centuries, Hereke rugs and carpets have been known worldwide for their high quality, beautifully woven designs and foundations. Not only do these rugs use the finest silk made in the world, but they are also produced by some of the most talented weavers in the world.

The weavers usually weave these rugs on silk foundations, which make the rug’s texture soft and plush. However, some rugs use cotton threads, and it is also fairly common to see gilded metallic threads woven into the pile. Nevertheless, these slight differences do not significantly change the quality of rug or its value.

Hereke Silk Rug

Hereke Rug Designs

Because Hereke weaves feature such a high knotting fineness — typically between 700 and 800 knots per square inch — these rugs feature extremely intricate designs. These designs draw their inspiration from traditionally Anatolian and Persian compositions.

Hereke Cartouche border

It’s very common for Hereke rugs to include floral designs with complex patterns like inscribed cartouches within the border of the rug. These beautiful designs come across even stronger as the shiny silk thread emphasizes the rich reds, blues, yellows, golds, and bottle green colors.

Making a Purchase

Like with all oriental rugs and carpets, different weavers and different shops produce varying quality levels within the products. The most skilled weaver of the village will produce one of the finest oriental rugs in the world; and a newer, less skilled weaver of that same tribe might produce a beautiful weave, but it won’t be as perfect or valuable as the most-skilled weaver’s work.

It is always good practice to evaluate the condition of an oriental rug before making a purchase. Buying a Hereke rug ensures that the rug will innately have a very high quality, but you should still evaluate the entire rug before you buy it.

Other Hereke Products

Beautiful and high quality oriental rugs are not the only products that the Hereke tribe is well known for. Hereke weavers also produce elegant woolen items. Although not as high quality as the oriental rugs, these products use good quality wool and are very soft and attractive pieces.

Because the oriental rugs produced by this village are so popular, they have good investment possibilities. An elegant and elaborate Hereke rug will hold its value — if not grow in value — over the next several decades as long as the owners take care of it. Just like other Hereke products, the shape and quality of the product determines its value.


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