10000 Hours Starts Today

It has been several months already since my last article of my plans to become a data analyst/business analyst. I learned a lot since then by reading books and taking classes on dataquest. I have learned the basis quite a lot, but still find myself have problem applying what I have in a real project. I do not believe I am the only one here. Therefore, I decide to write down what I have learned so far.

I will write and publish everyday. Since I am in busy season right now, I will not write a lot, but I want to build the habbits to wirte and learn. Here are the lists of things I want to share:

  • Regular Expression
  • SQL
  • Python (Basic Python, Numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib)
  • R
  • Projects I did
  • Reading Notes
  • Experiences and mistake I have

I am a green hand in both writing and data analysis. Back to high school, I barely passed my English and Chinese test every single time. So feel free to let me know what do you think I can improve for both analysis and writing. If you are new to this area like me, I hope what I posted can help you start your journey to become a data analyst or simply learn some cool stuff every day.