Africa Needs African Entrepreneurs
Magatte Wade

BRAVO, Ms. Wade. This is such a clearly-presented, well-argued, critical piece. Your combination of business sense, personal testimony, and the heartbreaking testimony of others trying to achieve better livelihoods is especially powerful. Where Africa — and more specifically Senegal — is concerned, I now walk away with a much better understanding of why we need to be addressing the business environment by investing in an infrastructure that provides local entrepreneurs with more streamlined processes for starting up and moving ahead. So many young people have all the talent in the world, and none of the essential networks or support systems they need to fulfill their potential.

I am particularly grateful for your reference to “indigenous entrepreneurs,” whom I believe hold the key to sustainable business development across the globe, and especially in Africa where an increasing number of bright young people are finding access to valuable scholarship opportunities but see no job in sight once they graduate. Including entrepreneurial skill-building in secondary school and university curricula is a good thing, but it’s only half the battle.

Thank you for your valuable insights.

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