Hmm. I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about DrupalCon locations recently and I’ve come to a conclusion I didn’t expect to.

DrupalConNA makes money. Money that we need to do great things in engineering the tools and facilities we need. Things like whatever replaces patches. Let’s choose the locations that as many people can get to and spend money as we can. That certainly means US, not Canada etc.

DrupalConEU isn’t the same. We don’t get the money from it so let’s stop trying. Let’s make NA the “corporate con” and EU the edgier, risk-taking, adventurous con. The one that is never quite as big as NA (or even previous EU) cons but does things NA can’t, like go more adventurous places. Let’s go to Helsinki, let’s go to Sofia, hey let’s go to Casablanca! But hey, let’s remember the two cons are different.

So, DrupalConNA – go to a city where there’s a big pot of gold.

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