On being sexually assaulted, and the last 4 weeks.
Gemma Milne

Warning: this comment contains descriptions of numerous sexual assaults.

I’m so sorry that this happened to you Gemma.


I LOVE that you are being so open about it. Thank you, thank you. Much needed.

It’s taken years for me to realise it but I’ve been sexually assaulted many times. That seems strange, doesn’t it, but it’s because nobody ever told me what sexual assault actually is. I thought it was rape without a penis involved, but I now know different. So I thought I’d make a mental list of all the times it’s happened to me, because people don’t believe me. Seeing this before me in black and white is horrifying in itself.

  1. On a train when I was 12 when a boy of the same age groped my legs. He tried to reach up my skirt to pull my pants off. I told him to stop. He did not. I scratched his hands until they bled and then he stopped. Then he told me when we got to the station that he was going to rape me and force me to have his children.
  2. In a school corridor when I was 14 when a younger boy put his hands all over me.
  3. In a computing studies class when I was 16 when an older boy groped my legs under the desk.
  4. At a gig when I was 17 when a stranger in the row behind me kept touching me.
  5. In a club when I was 18 when a random stranger grabbed my buttocks.
  6. On the street when I was 19 when somebody who I thought was a friend stood right in front of me, pulled me towards him, grabbed my bottom and thighs and kissed me on the lips.
  7. At a bus stop when I was 20 when a random stranger tried to pull me into an alleyway and I fought him off.
  8. Walking through a train station car park when I was 23, when a random stranger came up behind me, reached up under my coat to grab my bottom and then ran off.
  9. Waiting at the bar in a pub when I was 25 when a much older guy groped my bum.

I wish I’d known at the time that I should have reported all these incidents to the police, but it seems pointless now.

I hope that in sharing this, more women may come forward or realise that what has happened to them is A CRIME and they need to report it.

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