“Aliens” by Coldplay

A recent sci-fi music video released by Coldplay shows a strong resemblance to the issues plaguing the world today. The music video depicts a family leaving their “homeland” in search of somewhere new. Throughout the song the families journey is displayed, showcasing the trials and tribulations they face. This is a very realistic song because it talks about the hardships immigrants face when they are forced to leave their home as a result of conflict in their home country. Everything about this song reminded me of the current refugee crisis the world is facing. Millions of people each day have nowhere to go because just like the extraterrestrials described in this song, they too are “hovering without a home”. I strongly believe that this issue needs to be addressed as we forget about others suffering. It is so easily for us to group them as “aliens” or dehumanize them because it is not happening right in front of us. We forget that these people are human also, just like the song states “we come in peace, we mean no harm”. It is so easy for us to stereotype people based off of their beliefs and physical traits without getting to know them as a human being.

I think this song was written to blatantly call attention to the large amount of refugees that the other countries won’t accept, who are just looking for a place to call home. In the beginning of the video we are able to observe this connection as they are running away from their home; one can see the destruction and turmoil happening behind the alien family. It broke my heart when the alien family was standing on the edge of the cliff, looking down at the town, as outsiders. This scene in the video demonstrates a feeling in which not only refugees, but everyone, can relate to ; feeling like an outsider. I think that this song is important as it calls attention to the issue by sublimely spreading the message to a widespread audience. With such a massive fan-base, Coldplay was not only able to bring awareness to the situation, but a majority of the proceeds are going towards the Migrant Offshore Aid Station. This organization helps rescue migrants and refuges distressed in the Mediterranean Sea, hearing this makes me want to buy the song and help others.

Overall, I think this catchy song depicts the refugees point of view very well, something we often do not think about. Also, it shows how just a few people can make a difference in the world because they believe in a cause. Coldplay definitely gained my lifelong support after I heard this song and what they were planning to do with the proceeds.

Listed below are lyrics that impacted me while listening to the song, and demonstrated the connection between the alien family’s plight and refugees:

“Moving in the dead of night
 We took photographs just some just so
 History has some to know”

“We were hovering without a home
 Millions are UFO
 Hovering in hope some scope tonight”

“Tell your leader
 Sir or ma’am
 We come in peace
 We mean no harm”

“Crossing ages
 Just an alien
 Oh, we just want to get home again”

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