Let this be known as the year Intro. Biology kicked me in the ass.

The year I got up. And it kicked me down again.

And again, I got up.

The final exam is over, and now I have some time to think about what made it so ass-kickingly hard…

Ornament, necklace, earrings, stickers, T-shirt, car magnet, duvet cover, throw pillow, throw blanket, baseball jersey, travel mug, notecards, yard sign, mousepad, poster, button, magnet, onesie, cell phone case, postcards, needle point kit, bib, nightshirt, tile coaster, drinking glass, apron, hoodie, tote bag, dog shirt, notebook cover, cufflinks, wall clock, jigsaw…

Rachel Adams

I am a writer and professor of English at Columbia University. I’m interested in American literature, disability arts, education, and design.

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