Change Is Good.

I haven’t been writing for ages. Actually, no, I don’t write anymore, which made me think about the past year. What have I done differently? Did I become a better person? Did I change?

Change.. is everywhere. It may appear to be someone you really adore that has changed personality-wise or appearance-wise or a scenery that changed through time, but change is a beautiful thing no matter how drastic it may be.

Which led me to this:

You don’t have time to convince everybody to like you. If they used to like the “old” you, why couldn’t they like the “new” you? Your time is too great to fight battles that don’t matter. If someone doesn’t praise you, they don’t matter. If someone leaves you, you didn’t need them. I love loyal people, I love the ones that I know will accept me through every decision I make. When you realize that you can’t please everybody, you’re going to see new seasons of growth, new opportunities, and life will take you to new places that you’ve never even dreamed of. Your destiny is too great to be wasted on other people who won’t accept the real and changing you.

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