My Favorite Jia Jiang Video

My favorite video is the ‘Attend a Superbowl Party’ video. In this video Jia Jiang has purchased a bag a sweet and salty popcorn and wants to attend a stranger’s superbowl part. Jiang asks a man whether he could join the party, but the man doesn’t answer clearly which gave me false hope. The man instead got the owner of the house who told Jiang, very nicely, that he couldn’t come to the party. This video was my favorite because the idea of going up to a stranger and asking to go into their home and sit on their couch and eat their food just seems very frightening to me but Jiang asks the question as if it was perfectly normal. From this video I learned that the key is being comfortable with yourself and appearing that way others. Jiang knew he would most likely get rejected but he still was able to put himself out there and handle the situation very well. I hope that I can eventually get to this point.