A 10-Year-Old Asks, Why Pink Pointy Hats?

A friend’s real poignant moment with a 10-year-old girl in her life, explaining why women were wearing those pink pointy-eared hats, led me to try imagining what such conversations might sound like.

No one can touch your private parts unless they have your permission.
- Does the President need permission too?
- Then how come he’s President?
Because… —
- Does this mean it’s sometimes OK if someone doesn’t have permission?
- Then is it not a big deal?

I can only imagine what might shift, crumble and clap in a child’s brain, trying to process it all. Trying to grapple with the President’s misogyny, racism, and xenophobia. His violence. His proud ignorance and contempt for truth. His contempt for dignity.

We need people experienced in child psychology and development to write some guides on how to navigate all of this. How are we going to have these conversations?