On Mother’s Seder Menu

The kind of mother 
who texts you red-eyed
all she served for Seder

Matzoh balls, brisket, 
gefilte fish,
poached pears;
an addendum of 
potato kugel, she 
nearly forgot to mention.

Late night texts — 
lures. Reel you back
to driving distance

She plans without pretense 
Admits intent 
when you confront her
Self-satisfaction dripping 
from her confession 
like syrup, or whatever holds

matzoh balls, or Seders, 
families, or faiths,

Seder — Order:
(1) the custom 
to listen 
to your mother
(2) the compulsion
to listen 
to your mother

Shameless in her 
machinations, her menu 
of commandments

The Jewish mother’s full-
bellied birthright

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